Prabhupada Analogies

Experience through examples
Srila Prabhupada brings us the knowledge of the Vedic literatures with his hard hitting analogies.

One cannot neglect

Even the smallest intoxication is dangerous. Just like the fire, even a small particle of fire is dangerous. One cannot neglect it, ignoring it to be a small particle. It must be extinguished immediately before it turns into a great fire.

Burfi and stone

Everyone has got the right to interpret in a different way, but we have to accept parampara, the disciplic succession. Just like I have given you a burfi. Everyone knows it is burfi, and if somebody interprets it as a stone, it will not be accepted.

Doing its duty

Each one of us are part and parcel of God. So we have got some duty as every part of the body has got some duty to perform. The eye is to see. The ear is to hear. The part has to serve the whole by doing its duty.

Direct perception in the conditioned stage of life

Direct perception is always imperfect, especially in the conditioned stage of life. Just like direct perception - with our eyes we see the sun just like a disc, not more than your plate on which you take your meals.

You cannot change the Dharma

You cannot change the Dharma. Just like water. Water is liquid. You cannot make it solid. If water becomes solid, then it is not in the natural state.

Act as spirit

The spiritual body is developed through the practice of Krishna consciousness. This material body is spiritualized by this bhakti-yoga process. If you place an iron within fire, the iron becomes so hot that it also becomes fiery. When the iron is red hot, it acquires all the qualities of fire. If you touch something with that iron, that iron will act as fire. Similarly, although this body is material, it can become spiritualized through Krishna consciousness and act as spirit.

Dharma is characteristic

Dharma does not exactly mean a kind of faith. It is characteristic. Just like sugar is sweet. That is the characteristic of sugar.

God has no name

God is all-attractive. This is very accurate word. Otherwise how He can be God? God cannot be attractive only for few. God has no name. That's a fact. But we coin His name according to His dealings. Just like we call God Yashoda Nandana as He gave immense pleasure to mother Yashoda as her son.

Lord is so merciful

The Lord is so merciful that not only does He fulfill the desires of a devotee who is driven by ignorance and desires for material benefit, but He also gives such a devotee all protection, just as a cow gives milk to a newly born calf.

The devotee is never satisfied

When one is very eager for more and more money, he is not satisfied even when he is a millionaire or a multimillionaire, but wants to earn more and more money by any means. The same mentality is present in a devotee. The devotee is never satisfied, thinking, "This is the limit of my devotional service." The more he engages in the service of the Lord, the more service he wants to give.

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