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Prabhupada Analogies

Experience through examples
Srila Prabhupada brings us the knowledge of the Vedic literatures with his hard hitting analogies.

Burfi and stone

Everyone has got the right to interpret in a different way, but we have to accept parampara, the disciplic succession. Just like I have given you a burfi. Everyone knows it is burfi, and if somebody interprets it as a stone, it will not be accepted.

No creation, no activity.

Even if there is no creation, one has to suffer, because we are eternal. If there is no creation for millions of years, one has to lie down with no activity.

One cannot neglect

Even the smallest intoxication is dangerous. Just like the fire, even a small particle of fire is dangerous. One cannot neglect it, ignoring it to be a small particle. It must be extinguished immediately before it turns into a great fire.

Parampara system

Any question that is put forward may be answered by quoting the authority, and that satisfies the saner section. That is the system even in the law court. The best lawyer gives evidence from the past judgment of the court without taking much trouble to establish his case. This is called the parampara system, and learned authorities follow it without manufacturing rubbish interpretations.

Symptom of the living entity

Enthusiasm is a symptom of the living entity; it cannot be stopped. It is just like a powerful engine: if you utilize it properly, it will give immense production. Therefore enthusiasm should be purified.

Everything will be finished

Whether one is a philosopher, scientist, rich man or a capitalist, as soon as there is death everything is taken away. Hiranyakasipu was very powerful but as soon as Narsimhadeva appeared, everything was finished.

Cycle of creation and annihilation

Either there is soul or not soul, evolution of material body is going on. A body is created and the same body annihilated. This cycle of creation and annihilation cannot be stopped.

We do not know the details

Although I claim that the body is mine, I do not even know how it is working. A tenant in an apartment may pay rent and somehow or other occupy the apartment and enjoy its utilities, although he may not actually know how the heat and tap water are working. Similarly, although we do not know the details of how the body works, we are using this body, which actually belongs not to us but to Krishna.

Everyone and Every part has some duty!

Each one of us are part and parcel of God. So we have got some duty as every part of the body has got some duty to perform. The eye is to see. The ear is to hear. The part has to serve the whole by doing its duty.

Durga Devi- Shadow of the Lord!

Durga is the shadow of the Lord. The shadow moves when the original entity moves. Similarly, she is working under the direction of Krishna. She is the external potency of the Lord.