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Negative Affirmation

Prabhupada: His name was Gopal Ban. And there was a king, Krishnacandra. So the kings would relax by joking words by the jokers. That was system formerly. So Gopal Ban was constructing a house. So the king advised another friend that, "If you go to his new house and evacuate..." Because the house is not yet opened, not yet established, "then I'll give you one thousand rupees."

So this man said, "Yes, I'll go and do it." So he came to Gopal Ban's house and began to say, "Gopal Ban! Oh! I am called by nature. Kindly show me where is your privy. I have to pass." So he could understand that, "Why this man has come here to evacuate?" So he, "Yes, yes. Come in, come in, come in." So he opened the new lavatory and brought a big stick. So he said, "Why you have brought the stick?" "Yes, you can pass, you can pass stool, but if you urine one drop, I'll kill you."

So, "How it is possible?" "If it is not possible, I cannot allow." So these foolish scientific men, "You can speak, but if you use microphone, then I'll kill you." Yes. The Gopal Ban's policy. They would not say, "Not allow," but in a different way.

Reference: Room Conversation - August 11, 1973, Paris