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Anything for Krishna’s Pleasure

So the point is that superficially it may appear sometimes against the social and religious rules and regulation, but if it is done for Krishna. Bhakti means anukulyena krishnanu-silanam [Cc Madhya 19.167]. Krishna should be satisfied. That is... It doesn't matter. Krishna should be satisfied. Just like Krishna pretended that He was sick, and many physicians came. He said, "No physician cured Me. If some devotee gives Me the dust of his feet on My head, then I can be cured." So all devotees were asked, and nobody... "Oh! How can I give? My dust on the head of Krishna? How it is possible?" Nobody prepared.

Then Krishna asked that, "Go to Vrindavana. Just ask the gopis if they can give. They are My best friends. If they are prepared? Oh, I am very much suffering from headache." So nobody was prepared to go... As soon as gopis were approached, "Oh, Krishna is sick. They want, oh, dust of...?"

Immediately, "Please take. Please take." She did not care that, "We are going to hell by offering our dust of feet on the head of Krishna. Never mind. We shall go. Krishna will be happy. That's all. Krishna will be happy." This is gopi.

It doesn't matter the whole world is going to hell, but if Krishna is satisfied, a devotee's prepared to do that. That is, that is called uttama-bhakti. Anukulyena krishnanu-silanam bhaktir uttama [Cc Madhya 19.167].

Reference: The Nectar of Devotion – Bombay, December 26, 1972