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HE was the spiritual master I was looking for

Visnurata Dasa: It was summer of 1972, at Montreal, it then remained to be seen if the devotees were indeed living up to Krishna's and Prabhupada's teachings. So we went to the temple. To get there, one had to climb three flights of stairs in complete darkness before reaching a large door opening on a room bathed in vivid hues of yellow and pink, and filled with aromas of sweet incense and exotic cooking, not to mention the sound of mystical recorded bhajanas. It was definitely like ascending from the lowest regions of the universe all the way up to Vaikuntha.

My eye was immediately caught by a large picture of Srila Prabhupada leaning back with his hand poised on his cane "MADE IN USSR." I spontaneously connected the face with the voice singing on tape, and felt that I actually knew that person from a distant past.

After confirming that he was also the author of the book we had read from, it didn't take much for me to understand that I had come to the right place, and that HE was the spiritual master I was looking for. I then knew my prayers had been heard, and that life was again full of promises.

Reference: Unforgettable Times - Visnurata Dasa