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Krishna Consciousness Takes Over the World

Patita Pavana : There was this fellow on the sidewalk who would make newspaper headlines for tourists like, "Deborah's Birthday," or whatever you wanted. I said, "Look, my spiritual master is coming to town. Make one for my guru, will you?"

He said, "Sure. I'll even do it for free." I thought, "This is great. This guy is going back to Godhead." He asked, "What should I print?" I said, "Krishna Consciousness Takes Over the World." Might as well go for the jugular. He made it.

That day Srila Prabhupada landed at the airport and if you've ever seen the pictures of that New York landing, there is a hand that says, "Channel Four." That's my hand. I seldom got close to Srila Prabhupada but somebody said, "Hold the microphone." That was my vapu seva.

Anyway, I gave Prabhupada this headline, "Krishna Consciousness Takes Over the World." Prabhupada started glowing. He looked like the sun and moon combined. When he was pleased, he was so thrilled. He was pointing and asking, "Who has printed?" Right away I got a rock in my throat. Prabhupada was so magnanimous. 

Reference: Memories of Srila Prabhupada - Anecdotes of a Modern-Day Saint - Siddhanta Dasa