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Chants, flowers for the Swami

The spiritual leader of Krishna Consciousness was spirited away in a Cadillac taxi at Honolulu Airport yesterday afternoon. 

A reporter tried to interview A. C. Bhaktivedanta Swami - spiritual master of the International Society for Krishna Consciousness - but the swami was shielded by a cordon of devotees through the baggage-claim area and into the waiting taxi. 

The swami appeared to have arrived without luggage. 

Incense trailed in the wake of the group of about 20 persons who greeted him. Drums sounded, and the chants ensued. 

IN THE CENTER of the wailing chanters stood the swami, in traditional robes, with plumeria leis piled high onto his shoulders. 

He has a regal bearing, chin uplifted and a benign smile crinkling his face. 

In the taxi he crossed his hands, as if in prayer. On his fingers were two large rings. Alongside on the seat lay a ripe mango, a gift from one of the faithful. 

Members of his flock tossed leis onto the antennas of the taxi. 

As he sat in the taxi, his follwers knelt on the side-walk. 

Then three attendants got in the Cadillac, and it left. 

A few minutes later, the chanters got into two small trucks and followed. 

Reference: The Honolulu Advertiser, Hawaii, USA, 1970-08-08