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Srila Prabhupada's Poetry - Viraha Astastaka - Distributing the Pure Devotional Process

maha-vadanya avatara sri-krsna-caitanya
krsna-nama-prema diya visva kaila dhanya

The Lord's most magnanimous form was Sri Krsna Caitanya. Distributing a process of attaining love of God by chanting Krsna's holy name, He blessed this whole universe.

apani sei ta' prabhu! murta gaura-vani
prthivira sarva-grame sei nama dani

O Master, you are the personification of Lord Caitanya's transcendental message. You are the distributor of that message to every town and village of the world.

pathaila nija bhakte sudura pascatye
bharata bhramile nije ara daksinatye

You sent your devotees to preach in the faraway lands of the Western countries, and you personally traveled all over India, both north and south.

suddha gaura-gatha yate vijna-jana bujhe
kata cinta kara prabhu! virodhike yujhe

You preached Lord Gauranga's pure philosophy in such a way that intelligent persons could understand. And you showed great concern, O Master, in persuading all your adversaries.

jiva nistarite gaura kare ye caturi
apani bujhile sei-saba bhari-bhuri

Lord Gauranga devised many clever schemes to engage the conditioned souls in devotional service, and you understood how to fully use all those same tactics.

desa-kala-patra jani pracara-prabandha
dekhiya-o nahi dekhe ulukadi andha

You understood time, place, and circumstance, and used everything in preaching. Although observing your activities with their very eyes, those who are blind like owls and other creatures of the night could not see your true purpose.

auliya-sahajiya ki bujhibe taha
gaddalika naiyayika bujhi pare kanha

What will the Auls and the Sahajiyas and other deviant groups ever understand? And what will the sheeplike common people or the dry logicians ever understand?

jivera darada-duhkhi srila prabhupada!
viraha-vasare tava heri avasada

O Srila Prabhupada! You personally suffer to see the suffering of the fallen conditioned souls. On this day of your separation I am utterly despondent.

Reference: A Shower of Divine Compassion: The Collected Poems of His Divine Grace A. C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada