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From today you chant 16 rounds,

Vasudeva das : I had some business in Australia, Sydney, rice business. From my office, I saw some people, devotees, shaved head with saris, kurta, they are distributing the prasad, chanting Hare Krishna on the street. And I thought in my mind, "Who has changed these people?" So I asked some devotees there, "Who is your guru and how you came to Hare Krishna movement?" They said, "Our guru is Prabhupada, and he is coming after one month." Then after that, I asked the rice grower people in the office, "These people are chanting Hare Krishna and who are they?" "They are taking drug and just chanting Hare Krishna."
So I decided that "Let me go to stay in their temple." So I stayed two nights there. I saw early morning they wake up three o'clock, cold shower they take, and the arati and singing Hare Krishna mantra. Who has changed these people? So I decided to meet Prabhupada. 
Suddenly I have some business in Fiji, so I came back. Prabhupada came to Melbourne. Nandarani met Prabhupada in temple and asked Prabhupada when Prabhupada is going to Hawaii. Nandarani asked him, "You tell me also the flight number." So Prabhupada told the devotees, "Tell them the flight number."
So Nandarani got the flight number, and Nandarani rang to us in Fiji. So Prabhupada's flight is staying a half an hour. Nearly 2,000 people came out to greet Prabhupada. We had advertised in the papers and radio. When the flight came there, a jumbo jet, when I saw Prabhupada, I suddenly prayed dandavat obeisances. 
The first question Prabhupada asked me, "Is there any Radha-Krishna temple here?" So I said, "No, Prabhupada, there is no Radha-Krishna temple. There are so many small temples here but not Radha-Krishna temple." "So you build nice?" in Hindi bhariyasa mandir mano he told me. I said, "I will try my best to build that temple."
After a 20-minute discussion, I paid obeisances to Prabhupada. And when I stand up, Prabhupada put his hand on my head and I feel just like all my sins have gone. I began to cry completely. Prabhupada said, "From today you chant 16 rounds," and from that day I start chanting. I still wake up three o'clock and I still chant 16 rounds every day.

Reference: Following Srila Prabhupada-A Chronological Series by Vasudeva Dasa