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They say, 'Swamiji is going to die there.'

Bhaktivedanta Swami, however, was fixed on going. He told Mr. Choksi that he should convince Mrs. Morarji. He coached Mr. Choksi on what he should say: "I find this gentleman very inspired to go to the States and preach something to the people there ... " But when he told Mrs. Morarji, she again said no. The Swami was not healthy and it would be too cold there. People in America were not so cooperative, and they would probably not listen to him. Exasperated with Mr. Choksi's ineffectiveness, Bhaktivedanta Swami demanded a personal interview. It was granted, and a grey- haired, determined Bhaktivedanta Swami presented his emphatic request, "Please give me one ticket."

Sumati Morarji was concerned. "Swamiji, you are so old-you are taking this responsibility. Do you think it is all right?"

"No,” he reassured her, lifting his hand as if to reassure a doubting daughter, "it is all right."

"But do you know what my secretaries think?" said Mrs. Morarji, "They say, 'Swamiji is going to die there.'" Bhaktivedanta made a face as if to dismiss a foolish rumor. Again he insisted that she give him a ticket.

"AII right," she said, "Get your P-form, and I will make an arrangement to send you by our ship."

Bhaktivedanta Swami smiled brilliantly and contently left her offices, past her amazed and skeptical clerks.
Reference: Excerpts from Acharya book with illustration by Bhaktisiddhanta Dasa