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October 11, 1974 : Mayapur

Mayapur was always so quiet and peaceful in the evening. I felt completely relaxed as if I was getting a massage rather than giving one. I could not help telling my glorious spiritual master about the amusing night I had.

"Srila Prabhupada," I said. "Last night when we went to take rest Pradyumna squeezed in between Nitai and me so that he wouldn't be bitten by the snake."

Srila Prabhupada started laughing.

"Yes, that is very nice," he said. "Actually there is one story my godbrother Damodara Maharaja has told. It took place in a village just near here. He said there was an infant and that child was cursed by someone to be bitten by a snake. There were five family members and when they took rest, they surrounded the infant to protect him from any potential snakes. The infant would lie in the middle of the bed surrounded by family. One night the snake came into the room and quietly slithered around each of the sleeping family members and bit the infant, killing him. So, that is the way it is with the snake. If you are destined to be killed by a snake, it doesn't matter what kind of protection you try to arrange. The snake will kill you. But, we do not worry about such things. If Krishna wants to protect you, no one can harm you and if He wants to kill you, then no one can save you."
I offered my obeisances and left his bedroom feeling completely safe. Hanging onto those two golden lotus feet, fragrant as the sandalwood tree, situated at the center of the universe, I found shelter from all danger.
Reference: What is the Difficulty - Srutakirti Dasa