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July 13, 1966 : New York

Suresvara: The following spring Krishna's miracle-worker-to-be relocated to a loft in New York's infamous Bowery district. Rife with derelicts and crime, the district was dangerous, but Prabhupada took the risk to reach young seekers nearby.

In the loft, Krishna sent Prabhupada a few regular listeners, who came to his aid after an LSD-crazed youth attacked, forcing him to flee. With the regulars' help, Prabhupada at last secured his own place, a cheap storefront on the city's Lower East Side.

Forced by the noncooperation of his godbrothers, Prabhupada dropped the attempt to revive his spiritual master's institution, and instead on July 13, 1966, he officially launched "The International Society for Krishna Consciousness," a fresh branch of the same disciplic community.

Reference: Srila Prabhupada, Our Founding Father - Suresvara Dasa