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February 20, 1973 : Auckland

Kurma: In the afternoon, at the request of Tushta Krishna, Prabhupada entered the kitchen to show a couple of the ladies how to cook milk sweets. New Zealand's dairy products were world famous. The milk - unhomogenised with a thick layer of yellow cream on top - was only ten cents a litre.

Prabhupada poured a couple of litres of milk into a wide pan, added sugar and brought it to a rapid, rolling boil. Stirring methodically, he condensed the sweetened milk until it reached a creamy, sauce-like consistency. Lowering the heat and stirring more firmly, he further reduced the mixture to a very thick, dark cream-colored sticky paste that started to pull away from the sides.

Prabhupada then scraped the milk fudge onto the side of the pan. It was done. Now the burfi, when cooled, could be rolled into balls, or pressed into a tray and cut into squares, ready to offer to Radha and Krishna.

Reference: The Great Transcendental Adventure - Kurma Dasa