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Satisfy Krishna to Satisfy Everyone

Once Duryodhana satisfied Durvasa Muni very nicely, and Durvasa Muni wanted to give him some benediction, "Now you take some benediction, whatever you like." So Duryodhana was very cunning. His only aim was how to cheat the Pandavas. So he said, "My dear sir, I shall ask you some day. Not now." So, "All right."

So when the Pandavas were in the forest and Duryodhana's plan was how to tease them, so he approached Durvasa Muni, "My dear sir, you wanted to give me some benediction. I have come for it." "Yes." "Now, you go to the Pandavas with your all disciples, sixty thousand disciples, and you go when Draupadi has taken her food."

So Durvasa Muni one day... Because he wanted to give that benediction, he approached the Pandavas in the forest. And it is the duty of the kshatriya to receive the brahmanas. So they had finished their lunch, and Durvasa Muni came. So how they can deny? They are kshatriyas. "Yes, my lord. You can, you are welcome. Just take your bath, and we are making arrangement..." What arrangement they will make, in the forest? So they were perplexed.

So Krishna... Kaunteya pratijanihi na me bhaktah pranasyati [Bg 9.31]. Krishna's vow is that He will see always His devotees are protected. So when they were perplexed, Krishna came. Krishna came that, "What is the problem?" They explained, "This is the problem." Then He asked Draupadi that, "You have already finished..." Because Draupadi had a benediction that so long she does not take her lunch, any number of men come, she will be able to feed. That was her... But she had finished her lunch.

Then Krishna said, "Just go, find out some foodstuff, any little in the kitchen." They said, "No, everything is finished. There is no food." "No, just try to see." Then in one pot they saw a little sak, a vegetable, was stuck up. So they brought it and Krishna took it, immediately. So as soon as Krishna took, all the Durvasa Muni and company, they felt that their belly is filled up. Tasmin tushto jagat tushtah. So they were feeling ashamed that, "How we shall go? We cannot take any food." So they fled away from the Ganges.

Reference: Srimad-Bhagavatam 1.2.13 - Vrindavana, October 24, 1972