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Krishna cult beyond the shores

This article, "Krishna cult beyond the shores," was published in The Hindu, August 10, 1975, in Chennai, India. 

HARE KRISHNA HERALD: Edited and published by International Society for Krishna Consciousness. 50, Aspiran Gardens, Kilpauk. Madras-10. Fortnightly. Price 65 Paise per copy. 

Sankeertan or chanting the names of God has been hailed by scriptures as the only way to God-realisation and enjoyment of divine bliss in the evil-ridden Age of Kali, If Chaitanya Mahaprabhu started it as a movement in West Bengal 500 years ago, Bhaktivedantaswami Prabhupada, founder-Acharya of the International Society for Krishna Consciousness (ISKCON), spread it beyond the shores of India, thanks to more than 100 ISKCON centres set up in America, Europe, Africa, Australia and other countries. The Society effectively uses the medium of the printing press to reach a large circle of people with its message. The latest addition to its publications is the fortnightly, "Hare Krisna Herald", brought out from Madras, where an ISKCON centre has been established to serve Tamil Nadu and Kerala. The first issue of the magazine features a lecture delivered in London by Bhaktivedantaswami and a reproduction of the answers given by him to questions from disciples during a "class session". 

M. C. S.

Reference: The Hindu, Madras, India, 1975-08-10