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Harekrishna Movement Centre for Madras

This article, "Harekrishna Movement Centre for Madras," was published in The Hindu, January 21, 1975, in Chennai, India.

MADRAS, Jan. 20.

The Hare Krishna Movement will shortly establish a centre of spiritual culture in Madras to spread the gospel of Lord Krishna. An office has been opened in Kilpauk. The centre will provide religious classes and organise group-singing. 

Of the 108 centres of the International Society for Krishna Consciousenss (ISKCON) all over the world, seven are in India. The membership of the movement includes Russians and Chinese, said Sri Akshayananda, President of the Madras centre, explaining the activities of ISKCON to pressmen to-day. 

Referring to the action taken in Germany recently against the Hare Krishna Movement, Sri Stridish Das, Secretary, ISKCON, Madras, said that as history would show every bona fide spiritual movernent had met with opposition. The German antagonism followed the joining of the son of a top police officer in the movement. According to the Founder-Acharya, Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada, continued efforts were being made to spread the movement despite impediments.

Reference: The Hindu, Madras, India, 1975-01-21