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No Special Qualification to Approach God

This article, "No Special Qualification to Approach God," was published in The Hindu, February 17, 1972, in Chennai, India.

MADRAS, Feb. 17. 

Religion broadly means the dictates laid down by the Supreme Being to be faithfully followed by us. These established laws have been suitably incorporated in Vedic literature, which in turn has been brilliantly expounded by God's numerous messengers and chosen representatives who had undergone sacrifices to go in search of God and Eternal Truth. Hence it is up to us to adhere to these spiritual traditions. There is no need for anyone to manufacture a new brand of religion. It will suffice to tread in the footsteps of these great spiritual leaders who had prescribed the moral tenets. 

One of the steps to reach God is the glorification of Sri Krishna's name. This devotional chant, though simple, brings the best results and provides us mental solace, rids the hearts of all impurities, makes our lives sublime and enables us to approach God. No doubt the Vedas are authoritative, but they have to be properly interpreted to clear apparent contradictions. Hence Sri Krishna in the Bhagavad Gita has made it plain that one who seeks refuge in Him with devotion will be assured of unfailing protection. 

His Grace Swami Bhaktivedanta Prabhupada in a discourse on Tuesday at the Adyar Cultural Association said development of Krishna consciousness was not a blind faith. It taught us how to love God. Chanting Sri Krishna's names did not require any special qualification and this recipe had been prescribed in the Brihad Naradiya Puranam.

Reference: The Hindu, Madras, India, 1972-02-17