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Krishnas Lead at Mardi Gras

This article, "Krishnas Lead at Mardi Gras," was published in The San Francisco Examiner, February 14, 1972, in San Francisco, California.

Ten friends, inspired by the attire of the Hare Krishna followers, took a first prize at the Mardi Gras bal masque Saturday at the Sheraton-Palace. 

The Robert McGraths, the Lee Blums, Dr. Philip McGinn, the Charles Kaplans, Mr. and Mrs. William Hughes and Nancy Pitts donned tight-fitting rubber skull-caps to resemble shaved heads, adorned their peach-colored robes with bells, carried incense, played cymbals, wore earrings and chanted "Hare Krishna." They got so carried away during the costume judging parade, Mrs. Lee Blum fell off the processional pallet on which she was being carried by the other chanters. Fortunately, she was not injured. 

The costume ball, of course, was the culmination of the annual Little Jim Club's queen contest. The contest and the ball benefit Children's hospital.

Photo: KRISHNA-costumed Nancy Kaplan, Dr. Philip McGinn, Lee Blum and Nancy McGrath were among prize winners at Little Jim Club's Mardi Gras ball.

Reference: The San Francisco Examiner, San Francisco, USA, 1972-02-14