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Srila Prabhupada's Poetry - Viraha Astastaka - The Preaching Mission is Scattered

"naca gao bhakta-sange kara sankirtana"
bada-i madhura - mahaprabhura vacana

"Continue dancing, singing and performing sankirtana in the association of devotees." [Cc. Adi 7.92] These words spoken by Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu are especially nectarean.

gurudeva-vakye yadi drdha-sraddha haya
tabe sankirtane krsna-prema upajaya

If we have complete faith in these instructions given by you, our spiritual master, then in our performance of sankirtana actual love for Krsna will be aroused in us.

prema vina nija-buddhi saba maya-jala
labha na haila ithe ghatila janjala

Without love of God, our tiny individual intelligence only becomes entangled in the network of maya's delusions. Because no one actually attained prema, now there has been a great upheaval in your mission.

mayavadi bha're gela jagat samsare
vaisnava chadila pracara nirjanera ghare

The whole world has become filled with impersonalists, and the Vaisnavas have given up the work of preaching that was entrusted to them and gone off to perform solitary worship.

patita-pavana name padila kalanka
chadachadi ha'la saba vaisnava asankhya

The Vaisnavas were famous as patita-pavana, deliverers of the fallen, but now this title has fallen into disgrace. Countless numbers of your disciples have been alienated from your movement.

e hena durdine prabhu! ki habe upaya?
tomara sajana bagana bhangiya ye yaya

At such an inauspicious time, O Master, what can be done to repair this damage? The beautiful garden you so carefully planted is now uprooted and scattered about.

subuddhi jagao prabhu! e ksudra antare
tomara kathaya yate drdha-sraddha bade

O Master, please awaken some good intelligence in this insignificant disciple of yours so that my firm faith in your transcendental message may increase more and more.

jivera darada-duhkhi srila prabhupada!
viraha-vasare tava heri avasada

O Srila Prabhupada! You personally suffer to see the suffering of the fallen conditioned souls. On this day of your separation I am utterly despondent.

Reference: A Shower of Divine Compassion: The Collected Poems of His Divine Grace A. C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada