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Srila Prabhupada's Poetry - Viraha Astastaka - The Disciple's Empowerment is Lost

"hare krsna" maha-nama batrisa aksare
mudhataya vasibhuta kirtana na kare

The greatest mantra of all, consisting of thirty-two syllables, is: Hare Krsna Hare Krsna, Krsna Krsna Hare Hare, Hare Rama Hare Rama, Rama Rama Hare Hare. Those controlled by foolishness refuse to chant.

tomara upadesa tyaji srgala-vasudeva
ghata'la janjala aja sahajiya-seva

Your so-called disciple, the jackal named Ananta Vasudeva, disobeyed your final instruction to keep the mission united and thereby created a scandalous fiasco, the result of which is evident to this day, as imitative prakrta-sahajiyas are being worshiped as gurus in your temples.

kothaya rahila tomara upadesa-vani
"punar-musika" saba haila apani

Is there a single temple to be found where your instructions are still followed? As it is said, punar musiko bhava: Everyone has "again become a mouse."

simhera savaka aja srgalera chale
padiya kandiche sabe mayara kabale

The lion's cub has been stolen away by the deceptive tricks of the jackal. Now everyone caught in maya's mighty clutches is reduced to weeping.

krpa yadi kara prabhu! abara mo'dera
maranera tire tabe heri heraphera

O Master! If you are merciful to us once again, then even though we are trapped here on the shore of the ocean of death, we will finally behold a change for the better.

tabe punah sukhe mora krsna-nama smari
tomara vaikuntha-vakye drdha visvasa kari'

Then, once again, we can blissfully meditate on the holy name of Krsna, and once again have firm faith in your Vaikuntha messages.

sei suddha-nama krsna abara nacabe
maya janjala saba apani ghucibe

Once again, the pure holy name of Krsna will make us dance. Thus all the confusion caused by maya will be automatically dispelled.

jivera darada-dukhi srila prabhupada!
viraha-vasare tava heri avasada

O Srila Prabhupada! You personally suffer to see the suffering of the fallen conditioned souls. On this day of your separation I am utterly despondent.

Reference: A Shower of Divine Compassion: The Collected Poems of His Divine Grace A. C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada