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Was Hitler a better man than the Americans?

Gargamuni Dasa: People have taken this out of text. Prabhupada said in relationship to the text, that Hitler was a good man. This is in relationship to World War II, where Hitler had the atomic bomb. All they had to do was build it, but they had the knowledge how to do it. And Prabhupada says in a conversation, that Hitler didn't use the atomic bomb to conquer his enemies whereas America did. So he thought America was guilty of this terrorism of dropping innocent people, killing innocent people, with one bomb. And Brahmananda did some research to find out why Hitler didn't use the bomb, he used other means, like the V2 rocket, he sent 10,000 rockets into England, it didn't do very much damage though, only 3,000 people died, because it wasn't controllable.

So you would think if he had the atomic bomb, it would change the course of war because by 1943 Hitler was losing the war, because he was fighting on two fronts, on the west and on the east. So he had to divide the army, so you would think he would use the atomic bomb. So we found that when Hitler talked with his generals, they were recorded on tape recorder, and so we found a site where some of these discussions were translated into English, and sure enough we found one discussion where the generals remarked to Hitler that we have a new weapon which will change the war. And this weapon was a bomb, the atomic bomb, and Hitler said, "Oh, use it immediately." But the general said, “There's a problem,” and Hitler asked, "What's the problem?" That you can't use the land for 50 years because there's radiation. So Hitler being a pragmatist at that time, he said that, "What is the use of a bomb if I can't use the land?" Because Germany needed natural resources, that's why they started the war with Russia. 

In fact, up to the very day of the invasion, Russia was sending trainloads of resource, natural resources to Germany for the war effort. So he looked at Russia for economically means, not simply to start a war. He wanted the land, so if you can't use the land, then why use a bomb? Better to use the army, the regular type of warfare, so that plan was put in the wayside.

Later on, the German scientists went to America and they created the bomb. They built the bomb, it was already done, it was on the drawing board, you just had to make it, and America used it in Japan twice. So in that sense, in that context, Hitler was a better man than the Americans because he didn't use the bomb.

Reference: SPF Interviews