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Memory of the Day

Satsvarupa : Sometimes Prabhupada put me in tears and waited for me to come up with a solution instead of sitting and crying. Once I sent a letter to Gurudasa and when Prabhupada examined it later he said, "Why did you write that you enclosed a letter when you didn’t enclose it?"
I said, "I looked for it in my files, but the files are not in good order. I have so many things to do." I started to gush that, "I’m editing Back to Godhead and I’m GBC and I’m cooking for you - Pradyumna was supposed to help but nobody’s helping me do anything. I’m so overloaded!"
He said, "That’s not the point. Why did you write in this letter that something is there and it’s not there?" I started to cry and I said, "I guess it means that I don’t love you enough." I was searching for the real reason that I didn’t do it right. That answer wasn’t good enough. It was just a sentiment and Prabhupada waited for me to come up with something more than that.
I was a crying mess until finally I said, "I’ll write another letter telling Gurudasa that this letter was incomplete and I’ll include the paper that I forgot." "Do it," he said. I was dismissed. I searched and finally found that other paper. I wrote Gurudasa another letter with the enclosure included. Prabhupada could certainly crush me.
Reference: Srila Prabhupada Remembrances - Siddhanta Dasa