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Medical officer became Secretary of the League of Devotees!

Prabhakar Misra : When I first met Swamiji, he said to me, "You're a brahmana and a prabhakar, and you are eating in a restaurant? You come with me - I will feed you myself, and I shall cook." So we would prepare prasadam, and offering it to the Lord, we would take bhagavat-prasadam together. In this way, by his mercy, I got the chance to take prasadam.
He also said to me, "You become kesa-hin [shaven]." So I went with shaven head to the college where I taught, and everyone laughed at me. When I told Swamiji the situation, he said, "Since you are a medical officer, you can grow out your hair."
Then I took diksha, Swamiji gave me my name, Acarya Prabhakar. My original name was Prabhakar Misra, so he said, "You don't write the Misra. You are Acarya Prabhakar." He gave me the name and offered me a tulasi-mala and put tilak on my forehead and tied a kanthi-mala around my neck.
He had registered the foundation of the League of Devotees, and he appointed me as its secretary for preaching throughout the world. We used to go to the villages for sankirtana and Bhagavad-gita katha continuously.

Reference: Srila Prabhupada Lilamrta - Volume 1